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About Us

Who and What Farming Evolutions is All About

The story begins as a one-day workshop in 2011 for anyone interested in cover crops and no-till.  The Farming Evolution name was adopted in 2014, growing into a two-day event in 2015 when it featured Gabe Brown and Ray Archuleta. With the launch of this website, the name changed again to Farming Evolutions to reflect the many paths of change in the farming and ranching industry.


Soil health concerns continue to grow around the world. Farming Evolutions focuses on inviting innovative, knowledgeable presenters with practical hands-on based industry experience.  Did you know that research shows by practicing no-till, with leaving live roots in the soil as long as possible, while integrating livestock grazing can significantly improve soil heath? By having higher organic matter in the soil, the water holding capacity increases which creates a self regenerating cycle of soil health.  With each single percent of organic matter the amount of water the soil will hold will double!


The goal of the event is two fold: to educate and inspire those who view no-till and soil health with a wary eye and to build upon the past workshops by presenting new practices, new science and research. Having a variety of producers on the program that can share their soil health story and practical experiences keeps the program grounded in reality of everyday farming and ranching challenges.  


Farming Evolutions is a two-day symposium that will be held February 21-22, 2024 at the Phillips County Event Center in Holyoke, Colorado.

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